Accreditation medical tourism

The Interprofessional Federation of Tunisian Tourism (FiTT) guarantees the conformity of accredited companies with the following criteria and conditions

Definition of travel agency specializing in medical tourism:

Medical tourism is defined as the travel organization for non-residents who benefit from tourist and medical services in Tunisia.

The activities of a travel agency specializing in medical tourism or medical tourism agency are those of category "A" travel agencies as specified by the TNTO (Tunisian National Tourist Office) as well as other activities specific to medical tourism such as:

  • The organization and sale of packages including travel and medical care for non-resident patients in Tunisia,
  • Representation of foreign medical tourism agencies wishing to offer packages produced by the Tunisian medical tourism agency

The travel agency specializing in medical tourism must be a category A and satisfy the accreditation elements of a type A travel agency:

  • To have an uninterrupted bank guarantee as a guarantee of his professional obligations worth 50,000 (Fifty thousand) Tunisian Dinars. This deposit would be withdrawn, if necessary, at the request of the Tunisian National Tourist Office, and this in order to cover the amounts due in case of non-execution of the travel agency of its commitments towards customers
  • Take out an insurance policy covering his professional liability
  • To be the owner or tenant of the commercial space to house the headquarters and the activity of the establishment
  • Hold a license or agreement issued by the Ministry of Tourism and the Tunisian National Tourist Office
  • To be registered in the Tunisian Trade Register: precisely the type of activity, the registration number and the date of creation
  • Have a tax code
  • Become a member of the Interprofessional Federation of Tunisian Tourism
  • Prove the employment of staff trained in travel agency activity
  • Prove the employment of a staff member of the National Social Security Fund
  • Have a separate organization or department and a separate website specialized in medical tourism. Also a specialized and trained in the sale of medical services and the assistance of foreign patients
  • Comply with the respect of medical ethics on the website.
  • Have a partnership agreement with at least one clinic in Tunisia.
  • Have a minimum of two transport vehicles suitable for the transport of patients.
  • Display on all their communication media and especially leaflets, brochures, websites, ... and any other identification media, all legal information

Type of company

Trade Registry Number and Type

TNTO license number or copy of the agreement : A or B licence

IFTT or FTAV membership

Insurance policy number

Company date of birth