About us


Founded the 1st of March 2016, the Interprofessional Federation of Tunisian Tourism (IFTT) is an independant interprofessional employers’ union that has the particularity of bringing together various operators (legal entities, individuals, associations, unions, NGOs ...) having a direct link with the Tunisian tourist sector.

The IFTT favors a thematic and horizental vision of tourism favoring a real synergy between the various tourist operators, which we consider rather complementary than competitors. The IFTT aims to unite Tunisian tourism sector professionals in the shape of homogeneous interest groups and to effectively defend their specific and collective interests. The IFTT is made up of specialized professional groups encompassing professionals and experts of the concerned professions


Fi2T aims to unite different tourism operators within the same professional union, with a view to:

-To safeguard the economic and social interests of its members

-Contribute to the development and growth of Tunisian tourism

To fulfill this mission, Fi2T assumes in particular the following tasks:

Board of directors

The IFTT includes a member Board of Directors and a wider Executive Board composed of the Presidents of the Professional Groups

The members of the provisional board of directors elected at the constitutive meeting are :

Mr Houssem Ben Azouz


Mme Shahla Kelhia


Mr Ahmed Oubaia


Mr Omar Cherif


Mr Nejib Gana