The Interprofessional Federation of Tunisian Tourism (FiTT) guarantees the conformity of accredited companies with the following criteria and conditions

In order to strengthen trust between clients and tourism companies, fight against unfair competition, recognize the competence of Tunisian tourism professionals, the IFTT (Interprofessional Federation of Tunisian Tourism) has set up an accreditation process for its members and this in their respective categories and activities:

  1. Agences de voyages : catégories A et B
  2. Travel Agencies specialized in Medical Tourism

Accreditation of the following activities is being validated:
  1. Agences de voyages spécialisées dans le Tourisme Culturel
  2. Guides professionnels de tourisme
  3. Centres de thalassothérapie
  4. Parcours de golf
  5. Maisons d’hôtes
  6. Gîtes ruraux